Sunday Services

21st May,
Rev. Dave Woods – 40 Days With Jesus: The risen Jesus sends us out (Matthew 28:16-20); Communion.
21st May,
Service followed by Tea at 5.30pm
28th May,
Rev. Dave Woods – 40 Days With Jesus: The risen Jesus reigns over all.
28th May,
Rev. Dave Woods – Belonging to God's people (1 Peter 2:4-12).

Sunday Mornings

A music group accompanies the serviceThe service begins at 10.30am and usually lasts just over an hour; you are very welcome to join us for coffee/tea and biscuits after the service.

All ages meet together in church for the first 20 minutes of worship, after which anyone aged 0-16 is welcome to join our childrenís and young peopleís groups. The aim of the groups is to learn of Godís love for all, to help the children and young people know they are part of the church family – and to have fun!

Children participate in the serviceSunday mornings are lively and busy. A music group accompanies the service. Children are very welcome and are encouraged to feel part of the worship. It is lovely to see our young people growing up with talents that can be used in our worship. Some have great reading voices, others have a talent for dancing, yet others make music or operate all the technical equipment. Over the past years they have participated more and more at special events, and we hope that in the future there will be more opportunities for them during regular services as well.

Sunday Evenings

The evening service starts at 6.30pm and finishes at about 7.45pm. Evening congregations are usually smaller in number allowing for a quieter, more reflective time.

For more information about worship at DBC contact . For more information about Sunday services and other activities in the week ahead, have a look at the newsletter.