Ladies' Walk

Coronavirus/Covid-19 update
The Ladies' Walk is continuing in line with the latest government guidelines, in small groups and socially distanced.

Ladies' Walk - a fine prospect

The Ladies' Walk initiative was started on the first Saturday of 2010. That's right, when Dunchurch was knee-deep (or at least ankle-deep) in snow. This was to encourage as many ladies as possible to come for a once-a-week, one-hour walk around Dunchurch and surroundings. Amazingly, several turned up!

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Ladies' Walk - The very first Ladies' Walk Ladies' Walk - A lovely view Ladies' Walk - A close encounter Ladies' Walk - Meeting new friends
The very first Ladies' Walk A lovely view A close encounter Meeting new friends

Since then, the Walk has happened almost every Saturday, with the number of participants varying from 3 to 8. Occasionally we are accompanied by a four-legged friend – we waive the condition of being female in those cases.

Over the months the Walk has developed a "usual route" from the start at the thatched bus shelter in the centre of Dunchurch via Toft Alpaca Farm down to Draycote Water through Thurlaston and back through fields and footpaths to the starting point. The view down to Draycote Water, and the welcoming (we hope) alpaca noises along the way have become much-loved features of the walk. That isn't to say, of course, that other routes won't be considered, should they be suggested!

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Ladies' Walk - Who are these intruders? Ladies' Walk - Bracing conditions! Ladies' Walk - Mutual inspection Ladies' Walk - Wish I could paint...
"Who are these intruders?" Bracing conditions! Mutual inspection Wish I could paint …

We walk every Saturday from 9.30am, starting at the thatched bus shelter. Do join us for some exercise, lovely views and companionable chat! Contact for further information.

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Ladies' Walk - An unexpected meeting Ladies' Walk - Wildflowers Ladies' Walk - Enjoying the flowers Ladies' Walk - And always that lovely view
An unexpected meeting Wildflowers …and the walkers
enjoying them
And always that lovely view.